About Us

AltairStrickland was founded in 1976 as a generalized mechanical contracting firm. We have become specialists in process unit upgrades, revamps and turnarounds. During the past two decades our areas of specialization have been focused on Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs), Delayed Coking Units (DCUs) and Ammonia Units.

Addressing constructability issues early on.

Since our founding, we have helped our customers better prepare for the unexpected by participating in the early planning stages of their projects. We are one of few mechanical contractors to address constructability issues.

By doing this ahead of the start date, we can have the right tools and equipment reserved and ready for just-in-time service—selecting and reserving the right crane for the job and the plant footprint is but one example. This allows our clients to meet their three main targets—safety, schedule and budget.

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Field innovations & patented processes

We are also known for the ability to put our experience to work on the fly in real time situations. Here’s just one example of many:

A steam generator shell ruptured at an ammonia plant. AltairStrickland began repairs immediately. But, the exchanger was under a floor. To dismantle and replace the floor would be too time/cost consuming. So instead, we fabricated a ‘machine mover’ at the site and cleverly slid the heat exchanger out a side wall. No piping had to be cut and the floor remained intact. The plant was back at full production capacity in just 12 days.

Our most recent invention (one of countless) is the Center Pipe Lifting Device. This apparatus helps keep coke drums intact as they are extracted from the old unit. The device prevents incidents of a possible disintegration of the drum during the lifting process and saves time on the lift. You will be hearing more about this latest cost saving invention in the near future.