About Us

View of equipment being upgradedAltairStrickland was founded in 1976 as a generalized mechanical contracting firm. Since then, we have become one of the nation’s leading specialists in process unit upgrades, revamps, and turnarounds.

For the past two decades, our areas of specialization have been focused on fluid catalytic cracking units (FCCUs), delayed coking units (DCUs), and ammonia units.

Addressing Constructability for Efficient, Effective Projects

Since our founding, we have helped our customers better prepare for the unexpected by participating in the early planning stages of their projects.

We are one of few mechanical contractors that offers project studies and analyses, lift engineering and rigging studies, and a variety of other services, that provide practical advice that has the potential to improve constructability and reduce risk. Our in-house engineering capabilities play a critical role in this process, facilitating turnkey support and helping optimize project scope for safety, reliability, and effectiveness.

By doing this ahead of the start date, we help ensure projects have the right tools and equipment ready for just-in-time service—selecting and reserving the right crane for the job and the plant footprint is just one example. This helps our clients to meet their three main targets—safety, schedule, and budget.

Field Innovations and Patented Processes

We have earned a reputation for our experience and on-the-spot field innovations that have saved plant owners/operators considerable time and money during project execution. Equipped with countless hours of field experience, our team prides themselves on their ability to think on their feet and make real-time adjustments that can be critical to a project’s success.

We have also patented a range of tools, equipment, and processes that help give us an edge over our competition. One invention—the center pipe lifting device—is an apparatus designed to keep coke drums intact as they are extracted from old units, helping minimize incidents of a disintegration and save time.

Standouts in Safety

Throughout our history, AltairStrickland has also been an industrial safety pioneer, receiving numerous recognitions for our innovative safety solutions and initiatives. For every project we undergo and service we offer, we strive to create an incident-free environment and achieve the highest levels safety, quality, and productivity.

To live up to this commitment, we invest substantial energy and resources into a continuously evolving Zero Injury Safety Program, and have developed rigorous tenants of safety that guide our company-wide safety culture.

Reach out today to learn more about our 40-year history as one of the nation’s most innovative, highest quality industrial mechanical contractors.