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On behalf of ConocoPhillips, I would like to take a moment to thank you for Altair-Strickland's Safety Leadership on our Coke Drum Replacement Project.

Your team's proactive management approach related to Safety is evidenced by your up front safety planning and resources you have already expended on your project. ConocoPhillips is also impressed with the level of safety influence you have already exhibited on your selected sub-contractors (example: working the safety bridging process). We appreciate the commitment to these activities, and look forward to direct results in the field.

Realize that your past Safety performance was a key reason fro the ConocoPhillips Billings Refinery making altair-Strickland the Contractor of choice for this project. It wasn't the lack of incidents that impressed us...it was the response and managements of the incidents you did have that set your Team apart.

Please continue this Safety management and leadership to the end of planning phase of the project, into the field and until everyone returns home safe.

ConocoPhillips looks forward to collaborating with your Team to complete the rest of this project with zero injuries.

Brady Hobza
Project Manager
Coke Drum Replacement Project
ConocoPhillips Refinery


Let me just echo Brady's high comments and thanks for your team's excellent performance here at Billings. Not to take anything away from the great job that Darrel and his team did on the cones and valves, but Floyd Jordan's team executed one of the most impressive piping project scopes I have ever been a part of.

However, the most important part of this job to ConocoPhillips was the safety leadership that you brought to our site, and that didn't stop with Scotty, although he was exceptional, it was the attitude and tone set by all of your supervision that had no other option then to be infectious all the way to the craftsmen level.

ConocoPhillips has recently finalized a required standard to install auto-unheading valves on all shot cokers during their next available turnaround, as well as requirements on other types (sponge and premium) of Cokers to expedite the installation and with the recent fatality to an Exxon operator from burns received while manually unheading a coke drum, I would expect other refining companies to follow suit.

You have positioned yourself nicely for these upcoming installations and the Billings Refinery would be happy to recommend you for these type of projects as they come up.

Tim Seidel
Capital Projects and Technical Services Manager
Billings Refinery

McKee Inspection

Just a quick note to say I enjoyed working with ya’ll and to complement all the folks involved on a job very well done. I can say that Valero is extremely pleased with the performance. I guess now we get prepared to do a Rxr change out. Feel free to contact me for any reason.

Take care and I look forward to working with ya’ll in the next few months.

Ray B. Eller


In recognition of a job well done during our 1Q08 event outage, please accept this pictorial history of the two Beaumont Refinery FCCU reactors heavy lifts.

Your participation and commitment had definite, positive impacts and were major contributing factors to the overall success of the project.

Don Lee Crawford
Project Manager

Mark Bullock
Project Manager

Roger Nash
Refinery Operations Representative


I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for all the hard work and professionalism that the Altair Strickland staff displayed during our recent FCCU Turnaround. Your organization and the team members you had on site during the execution, worked extremely hard to meet our schedule and they did so while maintaining a strong focus on safety and quality.

Your organization showed great team work with all parties involved and we’ve heard nothing but good things from the folks in the field that your interfaced with everyday.

Altair was challenged with managing and executing the larges segment of this work and did so with great quality and craftsmanship. The ability of your organization to deliver a high quality of service with multiple disciplines is a very valuable asset to our organization. Your impeccable safety record speaks for itself.

Again, thank you for the leadership that your organization supplied us and to all their hard work.

Bill Harkinds
Turnaround Planning Manager
Valero Texas City Refinery

Valero McKee

I wanted to express my appreciation for your leadership during the FCC TA. Great job!

Opperations Director
Valero McKee Refinery