EMCOR Safety Excellence Awards - Industrial Services Operating Company

Altair Safety Award 2022.jpgBy further integrating their safety program into each of their departments, AltairStrickland has created a truly company-wide safety culture, helping them earn a 2022 Safety Excellence Award.

From sales to safety to engineering and operations, AltairStrickland has relied upon interdepartmental collaboration to drive their outstanding safety performance. This collaboration includes Project Managers partnering with sales to do early site visits, or safety leaders discussing site drawings with engineering in order to determine the best placement for exhaust ventilation, and much more. 

Additionally, AltairStrickland also works closely with end users and general contractors—interfacing with key stakeholders as early in a project as possible—to strengthen site-wide safety practices. After reviewing customer safety policies, they create bridging documents to clarify procedures and responsibilities, and bring together engineering departments to attempt to forecast potential issues and minimize risk. 

In the field, they have developed an innovative safety observer program. Project management selects one employee per shift to act as an observer, where they complete site safety inspections, review job safety analyses and other forms, and have the opportunity to present their findings to the larger team. The program provides employees a chance to build practical skills and take ownership over safety processes, while also giving them an opportunity to voice their own concerns. 

Several of their safety programs are reviewed annually, others biennial, and the rest triennial. If trends or incidents arise that impact safety performance, they’ll make immediate changes as needed, and have also incorporated periodic reviews in their training system to account for new regulations, legislation, or best practices. In the past year, they have also made a concerted effort to add clarity to any vague or generic statements in their safety materials. 

Together, these efforts have helped Altair elevate their safety performance and integrate their safety program throughout the entirety of their organization.