Man providing welding servicesAltairStrickland is an industrial mechanical contractor highly specialized in turnarounds, revamps, scheduled repairs, and emergency repairs for fluid catalytic cracking units (FCCUs), delayed coker units, and ammonia units.

We can handle the entire scope of a project, including engineering, procurement, and project management, as well as cost control and constructability reviews. Few contractors have our level of industrial engineering expertise, multi-disciplinary knowledge, and practical hands-on experience gained from performing hundreds of projects.

Broad Capabilities and Expertise

During our 40 years in the business, we’ve developed a range of expertise including:

  • Turnaround planning, management, and execution
  • FCCU and coker turnarounds and revamps
  • Ammonia plant shutdowns and revamps
  • Power plant outages
  • Specialty welding services
  • Heater and boiler repairs
  • Pipe and vessel fabrication
  • NOx and SOx system installations
  • Constructability reviews
  • Project planning, cost control, and management
  • Consulting services

Addressing Constructability Early with Advanced Engineering

Often, mechanical contractors are not engaged in the initial phases of a project—such as pre-planning and constructability review—which can lead to ineffective project execution. At AltairStrickland, we encourage our clients to involve us in projects early, so that we can leverage our constructability team and in-house engineering capabilities to identify cost- and time-saving measures.

We can perform project studies and analyses, lift engineering and rigging studies, and more, in order to offer practical advice that has the potential to improve constructability and reduce risk. And, by studying proposed turnaround/revamp components, we can even identify potential problems with how equipment is being pre-fabricated.

Helping Make the Complex Simple

We utilize the latest advancements in computer imaging technology to help transition seamlessly from engineered drawings to plant fabrication— an invaluable service that promotes project efficiency and avoids costly delays.

We not only use computer imaging and AutoCAD but will also frequently build actual full-scale wooden models of a particular piece to help ensure it is pre-fabricated and field assembled in a way that provides craftspeople the space they need to move around and work.

Safety, Quality, and Innovation

A steadfast commitment to safety, quality, and innovation rests at the foundation of every project we undergo and service we offer.

Putting in every effort to create an injury-free environment is a company-wide value, reflected in our detailed safety program and tenants of safety. As a testament to this value, we have been awarded numerous industry safety awards and commendations from clients.

We have earned a reputation for our experience and on-the-spot field innovations that have saved plant owners/operators considerable time and money during project execution. When combined with our professional project management team and industrial engineering know-how, the result is turnaround, revamp, and repair services of the highest quality.

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