Revamps and Upgrades

Aerial view of fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU)At AltairStrickland, we have the capabilities and expertise needed to assist clients on a variety of refinery upgrades.

We are among the country’s leading providers of fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) and coker revamps, and are known for our advanced industrial engineering and outstanding safety record.

FCCU Revamps

We offer end-to-end FCCU revamps starting with extensive pre-planning services, including front-end engineering design consultation and constructability review. After a project begins, we can manage the entire scope of work, whether installing a new regenerator, repairing gas lines, or performing structural modifications.

To increase efficiency, we seek to combine the capital and maintenance portions of a turnaround wherever possible, which helps save both time and money.

  • Reactor/regenerator replacement/repair
  • Large transfer line modification/repair/replacement
  • Cyclone replacement/repair
  • Air grid replacement/repair
  • Expansion joint replacement/repair
  • Slide valve replacement/repair
  • Main fractionator and gas recovery systems

Coker Revamps

We are one of the nation’s leading installers of automated un-heading systems and an experienced contractor for drum replacements.

Features of our coker revamp services include:

  • Restart projects
  • Drum alterations
  • Un-heading system replacements and demos
  • Dump chute installations
  • Feed-line revamps
  • Opening, cleaning, and inspection of block fixed equipment
  • Structural steel replacements
  • Unit piping reinstatements

At a recent project for a mid-west refiner, we replaced six coke drums and 70 tons of structure steel and pulled and replaced six delta valves, attesting to our broad capabilities.

Why Upgrade?

Revamping and upgrading existing FCCUs and cokers can often result in increased profitability and reliability by maximizing a plant’s performance and extending the lifespan of mature units.

Some operational benefits include:

  • Higher throughput
  • Higher viscosity/rate from pump upgrades
  • Metallurgical upgrades
  • Increased desalter performance
  • Higher drum pressure
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Higher preheat temperatures
  • Higher compressor suction
  • Improved liquid volume recovery

Industrial Engineering Expertise

Our in-house engineering capabilities play a critical role in our projects, facilitating turnkey support and helping optimize project scope for safety, reliability, and effectiveness.

Few contractors have our level of industrial engineering expertise and multi-disciplinary knowledge. We’ve performed hundreds of revamps and upgrades for some of the industry's leading refineries, learning true industry best-practices and developing the skills necessary to take on the most challenging projects.

Standouts in Safety

Over the past 40 years, we have received numerous recognitions for our innovative industrial safety solutions and initiatives. We bring our rigorous safety program to every upgrade project, working tirelessly to ensure revamps are completed not only to the highest quality standards but also the highest safety standards.

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