Shutdowns and Outages

Aerial view of plant during planned shutdownWhen the time comes for your plant to undergo a major scheduled maintenance—usually during a planned power outage or plant shutdown—the AltairStrickland team stands ready to deliver the rapid, turnkey services you need.

Helping Minimize Plant Downtime

At AltairStrickland, we understand that mitigating the amount of time a plant or refinery is offline is essential to both profitability and production. Therefore, we approach these scheduled downtimes with methods that assure a quick pace and high level of intensity— planning projects out well in advance and incorporating detailed estimating and constructability reviews.

With a team of trained experts ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice, AltairStrickland can tend to your unscheduled outage quickly.

Industrial Engineering Expertise

We leverage our extensive in-house engineering capabilities to help facilitate turnkey support, optimizing project scopes for safety, reliability, and effectiveness. By involving our engineers in projects early, they can provide practical advice that has the potential to significantly improve constructability and reduce risk.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you plan your next plant shutdown or outage.