Aerial view of equipment AltairStrickland can manageOur team has the capability to manage the most complex turnaround projects from start to finish, performing heat exchanger maintenance, vessel inspection, and valve and piping replacements.

While no two turnarounds are ever the same, our team will approach each project with the same professional intensity regardless of the situation.

We understand that turnarounds are costly— typically the most significant portion of a plant's yearly maintenance budget —and we implement time- and cost-saving measures wherever possible.

Efficiency, Speed, and Safety

Over the past 40 years, we have built a reputation among our clients and peers for exceptional safety practices, and our outstanding incident record and numerous industry awards precede us on every job. On a recent turnaround at a BP Texas City process plant project, we completed 1,078,437 injury-free hours—a testament to our safety program’s strength.

These outcomes are a direct result of our Zero Injury Safety Program and speak to our unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of our customers and employees.

Optimizing Turnarounds with Advanced Engineering  

Our in-house engineering capabilities play a critical role in our turnaround projects, facilitating turnkey support and helping optimize project scope for safety, reliability, and effectiveness. When our engineers are involved in projects early, they can provide practical advice that has the potential to significantly improve constructability and reduce risk. 

By identifying critical path activities, consulting on rig and lift plans, developing weld strategies, and more, our engineers can help navigate complex refinery environments and implement more effective and less costly projects.

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